You’re best at RPing…


(Send me one that you think I’m best at)

(ノ▼д▼)ノ Action

(≧Д≦) Angst

(。≖ิ‿≖ิ) Banter

(o・ω・o) Fluff

(○⌒∇⌒○) Fun

(○´3`) Romance

(♥∀♥) Smut

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// palom won for lyrical genius. maria won for singing talent.

//He’s not a bard. Boy can’t deliver his lines in harmony.


Send my muse prying asks about anything and everything… please?

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elbokorojo sent:

☢ " Wark!"

☢: Something about my character that I’ve never explored but want to

// Palom clichely getting his first girlfriend and being an obnoxious dork about it freaking out like ‘THE HELL DO I DO NOW?! WHAT IS DATING’

and he tries to read a textbook about it or something and so starts reciting these really lame lines of ancient poetry.

Dork intensifies.

Or, also, I kind of want to somehow orchestrate a thread where Porom finds out that Palom has petrified himself twice, and he finally has to own up to the fact that he did actually kill himself a second time, and while he isn’t suicidal he’s still messed up from it and then there are a lot of Twinnie sibling feels.

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((Hahahaha omg. They’d just stick crap in it like gum.))

//Exactly. But then eventually when someone (probably Luca, since there is no saintly patient Leonora around to put up with him right now) gets him down, he had to cut it off and he throws a whiny fit but everyone else stopped listening an hour ago.

❅: A character I’m tempted to play

//Currently I’m actually not tempted to do too much…

But I’m a lil tempted to RP General Beatrix because I have an extreme admiration for ladies in military positions of power.

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♥: Most wanted AU

//Stupid cliche fairytale world AU where Palom is Rapunzel because his braid is so obnoxiously long and all he does it bitch and moan at the top of the tower like ‘excUUUUSE me’.

♪: A song (or two) that I associate with my character
♥: Most wanted AU
♦: Someone I follow and never roleplay with but enjoy watching from afar
♣: The url I wanted but didn’t get
♠: A character I desperately want to roleplay with
‽: An unpopular/unusual ship with my character that I love
✄: Something about my portrayal that differs from others
✰: A reaction image I will probably never use
☠: A popular fanon headcanon about my character that bugs me
☢: Something about my character that I’ve never explored but want to
☃: A character I played on a whim and gave up on
✌: A character I played on a whim and FELL IN LOVE WITH
❅: A character I’m tempted to play
✔: What got me into roleplaying

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